Critical Care Assistance Fund

Often times, beloved pets are taken to the veterinarian to be assessed for an illness or accident but the cost of care is unaffordable. Vet bills can be as little as $200-$500; however, in today’s economy, families can find themselves thrown into financial hardship as a result of that one expense. Sadly, euthanasia becomes the pet owner’s only option.

Because many of us consider our pets to be family members, one can only imagine the heartache and distress this situation will impose on a pet owner and their children in the home – for something that is fixable! Healthy pets with very treatable conditions should not be euthanized, just because their family couldn’t afford this single expense.

The Critical Care Assistance Fund assesses clients on a case-by-case basis and determines if applicants meet the strict qualifiers for assistance with lifesaving and pain alleviating treatments. This program has saved numerous animal lives and many families remain grateful.

Funding this program restores pets to good health and keeps families together

If you and your pet need assistance, please contact Georjette Thomas at 330-760-0763.

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Pets Are Family Members, Too!

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