Humane Education Curriculum

Studies show there is a strong relationship between a child’s awareness of the proper way to treat animals and that child’s ability to relate humanely not only to animals, but to society as a whole.

Developing these principles in young people, through the humane treatment of pets, leads children to greater empathy for fellow human beings throughout their adult life.

Humane education programs incorporate the expertise of professional educators and animal behaviorists. These programs challenge students – and adults – through innovative and thought-provoking curriculums.

Pay It Forward For Pets representatives conduct presentations at preschools and at public and private elementary schools.

Funding this program provides the resources for continuing education for our youth.

To arrange for a Humane Educator to visit your school or organization, please email us at or contact Georjette Thomas at 330-760-0763.

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Teaching Care & Compassion.

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