Why Mutts Are Awesome

 In Dogs

Very recently I was volunteering at a local rescue. I was letting an adorable, kind, and wellbehaved pitbull-type dog out to potty. She is very pregnant! A car that was speeding by came to a quick halt when he saw us. He rolled down his window to inquire about the dog. He asked if I knew who the father was, if he was also a purebred pitbull (which by the way does not exist seeing as “pitbull” is not a breed), and I replied that this was a rescue and we do not know who the father is, just that this Mom-to-be needs a safe place to stay. He ask a few more questions before saying “That’s a shame, but I can’t raise no mutt” and drove away.

The conversation angered me. Without getting into why this man wanted a “purebred pitbull,” I just want to say “mutts” are awesome! Mixed breed dogs are unique and do not look like any other both in the looks and behavior categories. Only in mixed breeds can you see the muscle and build of an English bulldog with the hair of a terrier and the face of a beagle! Because they have features from two or more types of breeds, some behaviors will not be as prominent. You may adopt that beagle/bulldog/terrier/whoknowswhatelse mix and the dog may never howl like a beagle, but still has those adorable ears! Mixed breeds are also known to be healthier. Bad breeding can cause a multitude of health problems and bring out the worst in a breed of dog. Mixed breeds, again since they have many types of genes, are less likely to develope these breed-specific problems. And by the way, dog competitions are still available to mixed breed dogs, and you do not have to be purebred to be a therapy dog!

Beyond being healthier, mixed breeds are in need of saving everywhere! You can go to a pet store and buy a $600 dollar shihpoo, maltipoo, shih malti or other “mutts” they call designer breeds, or you could go down to a shelter and adopt your perfect mixed breed dog that already comes vaccinated and spayed/neutered for typically less than a $100 adoption fee. My sister adopted a lhasa apso/poodle mix and a cockerspaniel/poodle mix that both ended up in animal control facilities before they were a year old. They are great dogs! If you keep looking and don’t give up, anyone can eventually find what they are looking for in a shelter or rescue.

I’d like to end on this: People often think that a dog needs to be “perfect” in order to love them, but dogs are dogs. These mutts are worth just as much as purebred, rare, expensive dogs! And to the man who could never raise a mutt, you obviously have never received their unconditional love and appreciation for rescuing them.

If you are still not convinced that mutts are awesome, check out the hundreds of purebred rescues out there! We don’t care, as long as you’re saving a life and providing a home to one of the many homeless, unloved pets out there.

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