Senior Pets for Senior Citizens

Pay It Forward for Pets funds the adoption fee of senior pets being adopted by a person 55 years and older. The benefits for a senior dog or cat who finds a home with a senior citizen is obvious – and the benefits to the aging person are pretty impressive too! Healthcare professionals believe pet ownership for an aging person adds to their quality of life.

  • A loving pet lowers blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Senior pet owners experience 21% fewer visits to the doctor
  • Seniors experience fewer episodes of depression when a pet is present
  • Pets help to make friends and enhanced social opportunities
  • Seniors become more active and live more meaningful lives
  • Pets offer affection, unconditional love and non-judgmental acceptance
  • Pets help to ease the loss of a loved one and offer a sense of being wanted and needed
  • Pets eliminate loneliness and decrease feelings of isolation
  • Seniors with pets take better care of themselves
  • Pets provide a sense of security and safety for those seniors living alone

Funding this program provides the resources for placement of orphaned dogs and cats into the homes of senior citizens.

Do you think that you and an adoptable senior pet can benefit from this program? Call 330-760-0763. All adopters who benefit from this program must be approved by a PIFFP representative.

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Together, we can improve their lives!!

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