Looking for ways to volunteer at Pay It Forward For Pets? We now offer several ways for you to help! We greatly value any time you may have to give us in order to help our operations run smoothly. We not private business – ALL OPERATIONS ARE NONPROFIT and are managed under the Pay It forward For Pets nonprofit umbrella of our 6 programs. With that said – any volunteer work is greatly appreciated – the animals would thank you too if they could!

Volunteer opportunities currently available:

  • Animal Care. This includes cleaning cages, bathing dogs, brushing cats & overall general cleaning.
  • Dog Walker. This includes walking dogs, taking dogs to the park & socializing the dogs.
  • Fundraising Volunteer. Assist us in planning fundraising events or you may represent Pay It Forward For Pets at an event.
  • Foster Care. This includes keeping pets in your home until they are ready for adoption. Note: this is a rare/random need.

All volunteers must adhere to the following policies:

  1. Respect the animals, staff, and the public we serve.
  2. Respect the Policies and Procedures of the Pay It Forward For Pets.
  3. Follow all rules and guidelines for my own safety and the safety of others, including the animals.
  4. Notify a manager of any concerns, comments, or questions regarding my volunteer experience.
  5. Respect the confidentiality, privacy, and welfare of those we serve.
  6. Understand that Pay It Forward For Pets reserves the right to “discharge” a volunteer at any time.

Depending on the area of interest, volunteers may be asked to become oriented PRIOR to beginning service hours. Additionally, a follow-up orientation may be required if necessary. All volunteer information is communicated through e-mail.



1496 North Portage Path
Akron, Ohio 44313
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(234) 706-5501

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out an application either online or download one to print at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for your interest in providing support to benefit rescued animals!

Volunteer Application

Please fill out the online application below, OR download a copy of the application to print and fill out.

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