Pets For Vets – No Buddy Left Behind

Pay It Forward for Pets funds the adoption of shelter pets for veterans that have served our country. We are thankful that not all soldiers experience post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and will require a service dog; however, we believe all servicemen and women can benefit from the relationship with a companion pet. The presence of a pet is the strongest social predictor of survival, not just for lonely or isolated people, but for every human being.

A poll among pet owners revealed the following:

  • 95% talk to their pet
  • 82% stated their pet helps when they feel sad and depressed
  • 71% stated pets help when they don’t feel well physically
  • 65% said touching their pet makes for a better day
  • 57% confide in their pet

As an extension of this program, No Buddy Left Behind understands soldiers deployed overseas, befriend local dogs and cats found on the streets and form strong bonds with them. These animals become the only family soldiers have when other family members are thousands of miles away for months, or even years. Most pets found during war are often left behind after a soldier’s military service time has ended. That’s where the “No Buddy Left Behind” program comes in. Pay It Forward For Pets goal is to help coordinate and fund the complicated logistical issues involved in bringing these pets to the United States. The organization raises the funds necessary to meet the United States standards for entry.

We believe in honoring the sacrifice of the men and women who serve our country, and are proud to offer assistance in getting their furry comrades home. The continuation of these special relationships helps our soldiers adjust to civilian life.

Funding this program provides the resources for placement of orphaned dogs and cats into the homes of beloved veterans and leaves “No Buddy Left Behind.”

Donate to the Pets For Vets - No Buddy Left Behind Program

“This is our way of saying ‘Thank You’

to our veterans!”

Do you know someone that could benefit from this program?

If so, please call 330-760-0763. All potential adopters who beneifit from the Pets for Vets program must be approved by a PIFFP representative.

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