Our Programs

Senior Pets for
Senior Citizens
Senior Pets for Senior Citizens

We fund the adoption fee of senior pets being adopted by a person 55 years and older. The benefits are impressive for both the senior and senior pet.

Canine Behavioral
Assessment & Enrichment
Canine Behavioral Assessment & Enrichment

Many dogs do not reveal their true personalities when they are stressed-out in a shelter environment. In an effort to reduce the possibility of euthanasia, a behavioral assessment is performed when a dog displays behaviors of concern.

Pets For Vets –
No Buddy Left Behind
Pets For Vets – No Buddy Left Behind

We fund and manage the complex logistics to bring a pet back to the USA that served as a family member to a soldier while overseas. We also fund the pet adoption for vets that have served our country.

Critical Care
Assistance Fund
Critical Care Assistance Fund

We provide funding for the critical care of a beloved pet and spay / neuter assistance. We assess clients on a case-by-case basis and determine if applicants meet the strict qualifiers for assistance with lifesaving and pain alleviating treatments.

Humane Education
Humane Education Curriculum

We teach humane education, compassion for animals and promote adoption of rescued pets to youth in a classroom environment and at public forums.

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