Shelter Pet Photography

In an effort to reduce the possibility of euthanasia due to overcrowding and the high cost of housing orphaned animals, photography programs have been implemented in shelters across the country. High-quality photography has proven to increase adoptions by 30% immediately following program implementation. Pets are photographed by a trained photographer weekly and uploaded to pet adoption web sites within 24 hours.

Oftentimes, the only marketing that goes into homeless pets is a picture snapped behind a chain-linked fence, in fearful poses and poor lighting. This image doesn’t evoke a “feel good” shelterpetemotion necessary to encourage a trip to the shelter to meet a potential family member. With some better picture taking, a few extra poses and some accessories, adopters can envision these pets in their homes. It’s true!


If we better market homeless pets so they can find a family timely, we have just avoided the possibility of euthanasia. The results of these pictures are instant! In some communities across the country shelters have seen a 100% increase in adoptions!

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Group of sharpei puppies isolated on white background (studio sh

GONE are the unflattering images of unfortunate dogs!
HERE are the photos of dogs with a soul!

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