Who are we and how are we different?

Pay It Forward For Pets (PIFFP) is a 501c3 animal welfare nonprofit organization operating out of the west Akron area. The organization manages 6 programs designed to improve the lives of rescued dogs and cats – and people too! Our programs include:

Shelter Pet Photographyenlisting the talents of a university student to professionally photograph pets in their best image to expedite adoption.

Senior Pets For Senior Citizens – funding the adoption of senior pets for senior citizens.

Canine Behavioral Assessment & Enrichment – in preparation for adoption, utilization of a behavioral trainer assessing the needs of stressed dogs to avoid the danger of euthanasia in shelters.

Pets for Vets – No Buddy Left Behind – funding and managing the complex logistics to bring a pet back to the United States that served as a family member to a soldier while overseas. Also funding the adoption of pets for veterans that have served.

Critical Care Assistance Fundproviding funding for critical care of a beloved pet and spay/neuter assistance. Income qualifier required.

Humane Education Curriculum – teaching humane education, compassion and promoting adoption of rescued pets to youth in a classroom environment and at public forums.

Does Pay It Forward For Pets have a shelter?

With multiple shelters in the area, we believe we save more animals and maximize donor dollars without the costly overhead of a building, utilities, administrative salaries and employee wages. Pay It Forward For Pets performs independently managing 6 active programs and networks with various local animal welfare organizations to help them in their efforts too. History shows collaboration leads to less money spent and a greater number of successes.

Does Pay It Forward For Pets have a preferred partnership?

We do! We provide several collaborative programs to Summit County Animal Control (SCAC). Why? Because this agency manages twice the orphaned animals that any other rescue group does in the area. Thus, they have the burden and those pets have the most immediate needs. Rescue groups pull animals from SCAC for their programs so the many left behind become our concern. These pets are no less deserving of love and security for the remainder of their lives.

Since PIFFP doesn’t pay salaries, why do you request donor contributions for ongoing funding of programs?

Even though the organization does not pay salaries, there is still a considerable amount of expenses incurred to do the work we do. Donor dollars and grants support the programs directly. Examples include: payment for adoptions for Senior Pets for Senior Citizens and Pets for Vets, veterinary expenses for the multiple pets we help when offering critical care and pain alieving treatment and weekly stipends paid to our photographer and behavior trainers for their time, talent and equipment. Everybody else is volunteering – including me.

We thank you for your continued support and your trust in Pay It Forward For Pets. We understand you have a choice where you invest your charitable dollars and we are grateful you have chosen us.

Kindest Regards,
Georjette Thomas, Founder

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