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There’s a new app that’s sweeping the nation, getting people outside, and encouraging exercise. Yup… we’re talking about Pokémon Go! It’s all over social media, and looking into big crowds you’ll spot at least one person (probably more) searching for Pokémon. I’ll be honest, I haven’t played it, but I along with many animal rescuers I saw an opportunity. 

Shelters and rescues all over the nation are asking Pokémon Go! players to play while walking homeless dogs. It makes sense right? Dogs need exercise too and instead of being cooped up in a cage they can join in the adventure of finding Pikachu. Pokémon Go! may be a passing fad, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a long-term love like volunteering?

I’m assuming if you’re reading our blog, you’re an animal-lover. Do you play the game? Do your children? You’re walking around anyway, why not do it while simultaneously helping an orphaned dog that would otherwise be stuck in his/her cage for the day. Summit County Animal Control would love to see your faces there! Here’s some of the dogs you’d be helping:

If you do decide that you’ll volunteer while playing, the biggest thing we ask of you is to not be entirely glued to your phone as you have to be aware of your surroundings while walking a dog. Dogs should never be allowed to get up on each other unless they’re being properly introduced by someone who knows what they are doing. Make (human and canine) friends at the shelter! Take the advice of volunteers that have been there a long time. 

And of course have fun! Let the dog’s nose lead you to the Pokémon….. or wait that’s not exactly how that works…. is it? You get the idea!

Summit County Animal Control is located at 250 Opportunity Parkway in downtown Akron with many nearby places to walk. On your first visit, inquire at the from desk about becoming a volunteer. You’ll need to fill out paperwork and then you can get started. Bring your own leash if you have one, though if you do not, you should be able to find one in the volunteer room. You must be 18 years or older to volunteer, otherwise you must be accompanied by an adult. The most important thing to remember is that while a dog should be enjoying his/her time out, they need to remain under control. We don’t want any loose doggies!

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