All Dolled Up and No Where To Go

 In Dogs

“All Dolled Up and No Where To Go” came from the frustration of watching great dogs, who happened to be pit bulls, wait too long for a home. The dogs let us dress them up, put them in front of strobe lights that must have been scary, all while minding all the “sit” commands we asked of them. Sound vicious? No. Extraordinary? Yes.

There was a time when the American Pit Bull Terrier was considered a family dog in this country. They were a symbol of courage during WWI and the mascot of The United States Marine Corps. They were present in children’s film, most famously “The Little Rascals”, that’s right… Petey was a pit bull. We all know this history! We are dog lovers, we do not discriminate! But the sad truth is that many people see the media stories about pit bull attacks and believe that every pit bull will maul them. They hear about dog fighting rings and gang violence, and they may pity the dogs, but they surely do not want to adopt a pit bull with baggage. Most pit bulls, fortunately, have never been in a fight. They have never attacked children. The truth is, they are dogs. We love them and they are beautiful, but there is nothing different about them. They love you unconditionally, just like any dog who is treated with kindness and love.

All of these dogs are available for adoption at Summit County Animal Control. They are all looking for a chance to show how great they are. Remember that many dogs do not show well in a shelter environment. Insist on meeting any dog on a walk outside the shelter or rescue. They are happier outside and their personality shines through.


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