Critical Care Fund- Boss Overcomes Bloat

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Sharing another “behind the scenes” success story…

Meet Boss. This 8 month old puppy was afflicted with bloat. Bloat is a condition that happens in dogs that are larger in size and older. In fact, we often hear about this ailment in horses so you can only imagine how rare of a case Boss is.

Contacted for help by his pet-parent, this sweet boy was in deep distress. After learning more details about his condition, it was apparent that he was in horrific pain and was suffering in his home.

After an entire day of phone calls to area veterinarians in an effort to seek pain alleviating surgery/treatment, and with no guarantee for survival, Boss was taken to surgery that night.

We are so thankful that Boss survived and will now be able to live his life pain-free as a happy puppy. This young dog fought hard and wanted to live so we fought for him. We still have some vetting follow-up to do and we will see this case to fruition but we want you to see Boss now three weeks later!

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