End Breed Bullying

 In Dogs

Bullying is an unacceptable and reprehensible behavior. The act will often evoke a lifetime of sadness and distress in the hearts of those that have experienced it. We are grateful for those individuals who have made it their mission to bring education and support to their communities to cease this behavior. Sadly, our domestic pets have been bullied too.

Since the late 80’s, the Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Mastiff and Doberman breed dogs have been bullied. Labeled “a bully breed,” they have been subjected to discrimination in Ohio. Imposing harsh and unreasonable restrictions on pet owners, many municipalities made it very difficult to own these breeds. Even mixed-breed dogs showing physical characteristics of the breeds were subjected to discrimination.

With the passing of House Bill 14, Ohio became the 49th state to eliminate breed-specific legislation and the wrongful labeling of dogs. Per Ohio law, a dog can only be judged on their past behavior and no longer on their looks. Though it is to the discretion of municipalities to adopt the law, we are hopeful that this newer mindset will be embraced in all neighborhoods.

So, let’s celebrate our deserving Terriers with the hope that all dogs born, no matter what their breed may be, will know the love and kindness of humanity, and will experience a secure home for their lifetimes.

If you are interested in adopting a Pit Bull contact Georjette Thomas at 330.760.0763. There are so many at the shelter that need you and your family – and an opportunity to be what they were born to be.

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