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Check out Riley (blonde) and Java (black) playing!! Cute video right?! Well, yes, but we also want to explain how meet and greets go and why they are so important! This was done under the expertise of The Dawning of a New Dog – Dawn Pokorny /Dog Trainer​. Only after walking Riley and Java together, and letting them meet in a controlled setting, did Dawn let these two boys off leash to play together. There has to be structure to a meet and greet, one can not just throw dogs together, cross their fingers, and hope for the best. Even as playful and cute as this video is, it wouldn’t have been possible had Dawn not gone through the proper steps prior.

This is why we always stress a meet and greet prior to adopting:
1- Dogs don’t have to like every dog they meet, and just because we’ve introduced them to a few dogs at the shelter does not mean that they like all dogs!
2- It is always best for dogs to meet on neutral territory. Your dog can get protective of their home, and cause a fight that would not have happened had you chose to introduce them on neutral territory. Just like people, introductions matter and we want to set them up for good impressions 🙂
3- Many people don’t fully understand the psychology behind dogs. Why do dogs meet nose to butt? Not only do they get the most information there, but it is extremely less intimidating than two dogs meeting face-to-face. Eye contact in the animal world is a threat! That’s why it’s important to start with a long, STRUCTURED walk where the human is leading. This lets the dogs relax and calm down. Then doing an on-leash intro, and then finally if all is good, letting them do a supervised off-leash intro.
4- It is best to find out before adopting what you are going to have to deal with. Are they best friends right away, will it take some time to bond, or is it an absolute “NO, I don’t like this dog!” You don’t get a refund. And it is very stressful to return a dog- not so much for you as the dog you’re returning! So find out before you ever take them home if a potential new dog will get along with your existing dog.

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