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We have awesome news!! Shannon Duffy of Your Good Dog​ generously donated a canine treadmill to our Canine Behavioral Assessment and Enrichment Program at Summit County Animal Control. The treadmill is only to be used by people of the PIFFP team who are experienced in treadmill training a dog. Treadmills are a great tool for training, especially for shelter dogs that are cooped up the majority of the day. Often times a dogs behavior is wrongly judged in shelter environments. Dogs can come off as off-the-walls crazy hyper… but in reality, that’s due to lack of exercise and mental stimulation. Imagine trying to train a dog when he or she has been cooped up almost 24 hours a day… with this new tool for our Behavioral Team, we will be able to burn off that excess energy faster and get down to business in preparing a dog for their future home! Additionally, what a great perk for their adopters. Treadmills make it possible for your dog to get the exercise they need in rain, sleet, or snow!

In this video: Houston!! This was his first time on a treadmill, and he was a natural! He took to it very fast. His handler Madison Morgan said this about his experience: “He got right on and had no issues. He walked for a solid 10 minutes and it seemed to really help him calm down!” Houston is the first of many that the treadmill will help!

If you are interested in having your dog treadmill trained at home, please contact Shannon Duffy. Every dog is different. Some take to it right away and others need a lot of guidance. Shannon can help you every step of the way! Give him a call: (330) 690-6738.

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