Volunteering as a Dog Walker Tips

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Behavioral Trainer, Madison Morgan, wants to provide you with some helpful hints when volunteering as a dog walker at the shelter. Consistent handling techniques used by the facility staff and volunteers is vital to how a pet will present to a potential adopter. If we all manage the dogs the same way, the uniform training will get them into a home faster.

* Walk with your head up, chest out and arms relaxed – calm and confident energy is contagious to the dog
* Use a short lead with collar high on neck (close to ears). Keep him/her at your hip and don’t allow them to get on top of other dogs being handled by other volunteers or staff
* Open kennel door toward the dog so he will not break out and use your body to block the dog from escaping
* Walk the dog in a circle around you if hyper‐excited until calmed or you can pace back and forth in a small area to calm excited energy
* Walk in between the dog and any “minor” distractions (car, passing dog, person, etc.)
* Walk away from “major” distractions (aggression with another animal, etc.) completely and turn back when the dog becomes calm keeping a safe and clear distance.

These rituals may take many repetitions but that’s all part of the process!

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